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1.Rent a cottage in Haliburton Highlands

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Haliburton Highlands is among the top cottage locations in Ontario which has activities for everybody on hundred of interconnected ponds, forests, courses as well as in beautiful Haliburton village.

Cost: In summer time average cost is $1500-$3000 CAN each week and many bungalows leased on weekly basis only beginning from Saturday. In the winter months prices drop to $1000-$2000 each week and also the amount of the rent be flexible.

2. Continue the cover Tour - "Walk within the clouds"

"Walk within the clouds" is memorable 4-hrs trip for character enthusiasts that can take you thorough fundamental component of character - earth, water and air. It begins through led van trip with the private lands of Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve.

Then you'll have short half-a-kilometer walk across the scenic Pelaw River following led canoe ride across a backwoods lake towards the final destination.

The cover boardwalk may be the ultimate highlight of the outing. Over half a kilometer lengthy - and therefore a long available on the planet - the cover boardwalk winds with the treetops some 10-20 meters over the forest floor.

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An amazing view over the ponds and forests turns into a fitting closure for your tree top tour.

Cost: $95 per person including Wolf Reserve visit which is needed to order your tour ahead of time. The tour runs every single day throughout the summer time and kids 10 or older permitted with this tour.

3. Visit Sculpture Forest

The Haliburton Sculpture Forest is really a unique outside assortment of sculptures by Canadian and worldwide artists. The trails within the Sculpture Forest for walking and riding a bike in spring, summer time and fall and skiing during the cold months, provide altering perspectives from the forest and also the sculptures in each one of the seasons.

The Sculpture Forest experience, that is unstructured and unscripted, is fantastic for families searching for a fascinating outing, for individuals who enjoy outside trails, as well as for people searching for a distinctive artistic experience.

A complete tour takes roughly 1 - 1.5 hrs and features a tour guide who provides you with background around the artists, the sculptures and also the Sculpture Forest.

Cost: The cost from the tour is $5 per person nevertheless, you can engage in free admission on every Tuesday in This summer and August.

4. Visit Haliburton Forest Wolf Center

The Wolf Center consists of large indoor observatory looking over the feeding area inside the wolf compound. Probably you'll have a opportunity to observe wolf pack or individual people particularly if you stay for extended period, but it's not guaranteed. You will find also numerous exhibits, a little cinema/class, a retail area featuring many wolf related books, tapes and graphics.